This is your front row seat to either the glorious realization of a seven-year dream or our gradual descent into untethered insanity. Buckle up. 



The Beginning

We are Mac and Whitney. We were freshmen in college when we began discussing a grand adventure. We joked about tossing darts at a map and running away. Instead, we got jobs and moved
to NYC.

No regrets.


Taking Shape

In early 2013, our previously nebulous dreams were beginning to form themselves into something else: an itinerary.

By April, we'd given notice to our (surprisingly understanding) employers and were booked for an August departure.


On the Road

After slightly postponing our departure, getting engaged, saying goodbye to our beloved apartment, and sporting (albeit briefly) the dreaded title of "boomerang children", we were finally wheels-up at
JFK Airport.

This is the story of all that followed.