Tasting Menu at Cube

On Thursday night, Carolyn scored us one of the most coveted reservations in town: a 13-course tasting menu at Cube. We showed up at 7p with two bottles of wine, feeling horribly underdressed. We left past 11p, stuffed with food and three bottles of wine deep. Where that third bottle came from, I’ll never know. [WVND ed. note: Carolyn’s car boot is a magical place—don’t ask questions] The food was delicious and the portions were generous. Highlights included a pork belly that melted in the mouth and a lychee palette cleanser that was dipped in dry ice causing smoke to spew from my nostrils upon consumption. Queue the requisite How to Train Your Dragon and Game of Thrones references. We tried to take photos but the magic wasn’t quite insta-worthy. The best part of the meal perhaps, was that it was about 25% of what a meal like that would have cost in NYC. Take that purchasing power parity (sorry finance joke). 

Pork Belly at Cube Restaurant

Lychee Palette Cleanser at Cube Restaurant

Mojito Two Ways at Cube Restaurant