Sand dunes on the Robberg Preserve hike
Plettenburg Bay, SA

For the purpose of holding ourselves accountable, we’re publicizing a few of our goals during this adventure. The hope is not to feel beholden to rules, but to have a few recurring themes and objectives to lend the trip some structure. Before we go any further, a critical disclaimer: we reserve the right to renege on these entirely and spend the next four months on a secluded beach in Thailand. Without snark from the peanut gallery.

Without further ado…


  • Attend a live music show in each country
  • Maybe learn the harmonica (this is still being debated)
  • Go surfing at least once
  • Read at least a book per week
  • Use only the manual setting on the camera


  • Attend a live sports match in each country 
  • Have a conversation or two about the local economy to see what makes the place tick and what the “man on the street” is paying attention to
  • Be able to touch hands comfortably to the floor (improve my Bite the Box skills… if you don’t understand, don’t ask)  


  • Try the national beer and liquor (toughy)
  • Take a picture of the town signs in all the places we spend time
  • Spend at least a week totally detached from the world except Kindles

If anyone has a good suggestion, let us know!