Best, Worst, and Funniest - Australia

It's a tradition in Whitney's family to record your best, worst, and funniest memories from a trip. Since it would be crazy to do for the whole trip at the end, we figured we'd do it for each country. Here is our recap from the Land Down Under.


- catching up with old friends, many of whom Mac had not seen since graduating high school

- swimming at Bondi and Neilsen Park in the heat of summer. Whitney was happy to see the shark net  

On the Bondi to Bronte walk

On the Bondi to Bronte walk

Looking towards Tamarama Beach

Looking towards Tamarama Beach

- pool party at Tim's house, the scene of many a high school party.

- dinner with our friend Alex (Jelliott) at Ottos for an engagement present, followed by fancy cocktails at Roosevelt, which was the closest to a NYC cocktail bar we've had on this trip.

- finally visiting Palm Beach to have a great lunch with Will and Edi

- feeling as if we had a home away from home at Bonnie's apartment

- Messina and the absurd amount of gelato we consumed

- engagement champagne toast and yummy dinner (spaghetti out of a cheese bowl!) with Frances and Boz

- dancing the night away to high school anthems at Lo-Fi

- dinner with Grant and Jon in Woolwich

Delicious pub fare with old friends

Delicious pub fare with old friends

- free beer with gourmet fish and chips at Manly

- drinks with Chris and Eve overlooking Sydney Harbor-- the first and only time Mac will drink Johnnie Walker Blue thanks to the most amazing corporate perks ever

- getting to catch Mac's family friend Cathy for coffee when we thought we'd miss each other

- cooking dinner with Sim and Chryssi

- fantastic date night at Opera Bar and Lucio pizza...on a Monday

- showing Whitney all the places Mac got up to no good during his misspent youth

- free ground passes to the Australian open which we managed to convert into 10th row tickets for Federer match

Federer on serve

Federer on serve

Whitney at the Open

Whitney at the Open

- our visit to the Farrer's in Sorrento in general, with highlights being: delicious lunch with Jim and Di Farrer, boat ride with Captain Jim along cliffs and secluded beaches to "the rip" where the harbor meets the sea, a beautiful swim over the reef, and sundowner g&t's at the Portsea pub

Swimming near "The Rip" off the coast of Sorrento

Swimming near "The Rip" off the coast of Sorrento

- the amazing hospitality of the Bradlows, including many delicious meals prepared by Biffy (homemade chicken and lentil soup, amazing chocolate coconut bars, yummy salmon, homemade scones...we could go on)

Mac with Kanga, one of the many Bradlow pets

Mac with Kanga, one of the many Bradlow pets

- dinner with Whitney's MGGS best friend Stef and her lovely boyfriend Tim


- tiger air and the 85 dollar overweight baggage charge attempt, then finding ourselves in the terminal equivalent of a fallout shelter upon arrival in Melbourne

- attack of the mosquitoes at 4am and the subsequent psychological warfare that resulted in multiple midnight mosquito killing missions. 

- the Indian consulate on our first day... no AC and Mac falling over in his chair

- getting sick on the way to Melbourne after being so self righteous in South Africa when everyone else was sick

- hunting for an iPad cord for days before giving up and spending 30 dollars...finding 5 dollar ones at the 7-11 on the corner two days later


- Mac's refusal to pay 85 dollar fee excess baggage weight fee at the airport, instead electing to strap 10lbs of electronics onto his person under his jacket in full view of the check-in counter

- walking aimlessly around Sydney on Day 1 in order to stay awake until sunset at 8:07p. Whitney gave up at 745. Mac made it to 810p. No prizes awarded. 

- being rear-ended in a cab on the way to pick up keys from Bonnie's friend who was late for work

- going totally overboard at self serve froyo (20 bucks for 2) and Whitney trying the most patriotic dessert in time for Australia Day (Lamingtons)

- Whitney's lack of coordination with regards to the front door of Bonnie's apartment (it's a pull door and always has been) and constantly tripping (over the same children's-sized chair) in the Bradlow's hallway

- Frances instructing us on the proper consumption of a Calyppo (Popsicle)

- Whitney taking off her shirt and shorts to go swimming before remembering she didn't put on her bathing suit bottoms at Bondi