Nepal Packing List - Be Better than Us

Packing List

For one Person, for up to 2 weeks of trekking. Based on our trek to Annapurna Base Camp. If you show up with no equipment or plans (like us) be sure to use Outshine Adventures, the best outfitters in all of Nepal. They'll hook you up.


  • 1x light puffer jacket
  • 1x massive down puffer jacket
  • 1x pair zipoff hiking pants
  • 1x poncho (stuffs into small sack)


  • 3x technical fabric hiking shirts (v-neck to avoid strangulation)
  • 2x long-sleeved shirts (one half-zip pullover, one technical shirt)
  • 1x pair thermal long-underwear (very important for sleeping and early morning hiking)
  • [for girls] 2x cotton tank tops or t-shirts (great layers for sleeping/hanging out off-trail)
  • [for girls] 1x pair yoga pants 


  • [for girls] 2x sports bras
  • [for girls] 1x regular bra (for spending time off-trail, trust me, it seems excessive, but you’ll thank me)
  • 7x pairs of underwear
  • 2x silk-blend sock liners (very useful/important!)
  • 5x woolen socks
  • 1x bathing suit (for hot springs…worth it!)


  • 1x microfiber ultra-absorbent towel
  • 1x warm woolen hat
  • 1x bandana that you can use to hold hair off your face or as a handkerchief
  • 1x baseball hat
  • 1x pair light, flexible, waterproof gloves (make sure you can hold your hiking pole)
  • 1x pair polarized sunglasses


  • 1x pair hiking boots (waterproof)
  • 1x pair running shoes (après-hike footwear, was glad to have them for the 6+ hours a day we spent off-trail)
  • 1x pair rubber flip-flops (shower shoes)


  • 1x down sleeping bag
  • 1x sleeping bag liner (we borrowed our sleeping bags and these were a godsend)
  • 1x headlamp (plus extra batteries)
  • 1x Camelbak water bottle with Camelbak All-Clear purification system (side note: this was worth its weight in gold—water gets increasingly expensive as you get up the mountain and you’re drinking upwards of 5L per person, per day. At $100, this is a total moneysaver, and it looks really cool. We were the envy of all our peers.)
  • 1x metal water bottle (metal is important because it can be filled with hot water and shoved to the bottom of your sleeping bag at night like a hot water bottle)
  • 1x collapsible hiking pole (can bring two if you need extra support)
  • 1x small day pack (ours were 30L)

Toiletries and First Aid

  • 2x blister packs
  • 1x comprehensive first aid kit (bandages, antibiotic cream, splints, ACE bandages, etc.)
  • small bottle shampoo & conditioner
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • thick moisturizer
  • lip balm
  • sunscreen
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer (a lot!)

Miscellaneous/For Fun

  • Good camera with extra batteries or charger
  • Deck of cards
  • Kindle loaded with books
  • iPhone loaded with pump-up music to get up 3000 stairs and audiobooks to help you fall asleep at altitude
  • Headphones
  • Assorted Pringles, Snickers bars, granola bars, etc. (to reward ourselves at the end of hard days of hiking)
  • Money
    • bring cash, there are no ATMs on the mountain!
    • Alcohol and bottled water are especially expensive on the mountain, so if you want to partake of either, make sure you have a fair amount of cash