Wandering by the Numbers

In addition to our reflections on the trip as a whole, we thought it would be cool to share a numerical rundown of our adventure. 

Total distance traveled: 48212 miles / 77590 km. That's nearly twice the circumference of the Earth. 

Number of Flights: 32

A lot of time here

A lot of time here

Longest flight: 13h 50min (Dubai to Sydney)

Shortest flight: 1h 15min (Danang to Ho Chi Minh City)

Countries Visited (without transit countries): 18 South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany

Countries Visited (including transit countries): 22 if we add Qatar, UAE, Oman, Slovenia. But no passport stamps there.  

Beds: 69

Highest Elevation: Annapurna Base Camp 13550ft / 4130m

Lowest Elevation: Dead Sea -1401ft / -427m

Modes of Transportation: At least 12 (plane, train, bus, ferry, longtail, kayak, taxi, autorickshaw, zipline, elephant, hot air balloon, horse)

Baggage: Min: 24lbs/11kg each, Max: 33lbs/15kg each. We each only carried a backpack and shoulder bag. 

Bodies of Water Swam In: 9 (Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Sydney Harbor, Halong Bay, South China Sea, Andaman Sea, Arabian Sea, Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea) 

Currencies Used: 16. SA rand, Aussie dollar, Singapore dollar, Vietnamese dong, US dollar in Cambodia, Lao kip, Thai bhat, Myanmar kyat, Indian rupee, Nepalese rupee, Jordanian dinar, Israeli shekel, Turkish lira, Hungarian forint, Czech koruna, and euro.

Big 5 Animals Seen: 4 (Elephants, rhino, lion, buffalo... no leopard sightings this trip)

Hot-Air Balloon Rides: 2 (Cappadocia and Bagan)

Books Read: Mac - 13 Whitney - 37

SIM Cards: 10

Movies Seen in Theaters: 3 (Divergent 4D in Bangkok, Neighbors in Istanbul, American Hustle in Sydney)

Haircuts: Mac - 3 (Cape Town, Bangkok, Prague) Whitney - 1 (Bangkok)

Packages Sent Home: 3 (Hoi An, Bangkok, Udaipur)

Brushes with Death: 1 (Mumbai taxi incident)

Illnesses: Mac - 2 (Delhi Belly and Vietnam ear infection) Whitney - 1 (Delhi Belly)

Number of Days Our Stomachs were "Normal": 0 (you get used to it)

Pairs of Shoes: 8 (2 each plus Rainbow sandals for whole trip. We bought hiking boots in Nepal)

Regrets: 0